Christmas Home Tour // Merry Christmas!

Christmas Home Tour // Merry Christmas!

Today is the best day of the year.  The day we celebrate Christ’s birth with those we love.

Matt & Angela Lanter Christmas Card 2016

This is Matt & I’s 2016 Christmas photo.  I’m so very blessed with a talented hubby that can manage to singlehandedly take such an amazing photo on his own!  We shot this while in Whistler over our Thanksgiving vacation.  We had such a lovely long weekend there.

I’ve been back in LA since the second weekend in December and I’ve been a busy little bee prepping the house for Christmas.  I’m sure you’ve noticed that I haven’t been as active on my blog and socials as I normally am, and I apologize about that…  But I wanted to take a bit of a breather during our Christmas break at home, to just slow down and enjoy the season.

Once we get passed the holidays, and back into January, I’ll pick up with my normal posting schedule.  For now, I’m just enjoying my much needed time with my hubby.

We snapped a few photos of our holiday decor to share with you, and give you a sneak peak into our home during the Christmas holiday…

Christmas Home Tour decor angela lanter hello Gorgeous

Christmas Home Tour decor angela lanter hello Gorgeous

Christmas Home Tour decor angela lanter hello Gorgeous

My mom flew out to LA last week and helped me put the finishing touches on my Christmas decor, including the gorgeous ribbon on my tree.  You can’t see in the photos, but I finally found my off-white faux fur tree skirt that I’ve been looking for several years for!  The skirt sold out, but here’s the link in case you want to see it.

Christmas Home Tour decor angela lanter hello Gorgeous

I made this Noel sign 5 years ago after seeing a similar one on Pinterest.  It’s one of my favorite Christmas decorations.

Christmas Home Tour decor angela lanter hello Gorgeous

Christmas Home Tour decor angela lanter hello Gorgeous

Christmas Home Tour decor angela lanter hello Gorgeous

Christmas Home Tour decor angela lanter hello Gorgeous

Our family room is my favorite room of the house.  Our Christmas decor is so beautiful in this room.  My mom bought me this mini flocked tree and garland two years ago and I love it so much.  My cousin, mom & I decorated my mantel and it’s such a beautiful space in our home.

Matt has been talking about retro bubble lights for years, so this year I found some online and surprised him!  We added them to the garland and they’re just such a fun festive touch.

Matt & I spent Christmas Eve doing our favorite traditions together.  We had a wonderful Christmas Day filled with presents and food in our cozy home.  I prepared our favorite Christmas dinner and now we’re getting ready to end the day by watching, “It’s a Wonderful Life.

I hope that you had a relaxing Christmas with your family and friends filled with lots of love, happiness and good food.  My hope is that you were able to cherish the moments with those you love and were able to remember the true reason why we celebrate this very special holiday.

I’m sending lots of love to my Gorgeous Fam on this Christmas Day!  I’m so thankful to have each and every one of you as a part of my virtual family.

Please leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite Christmas tradition is!  I love learning about other holiday traditions from around the country, and around the world.

Christmas Home Tour decor angela lanter hello Gorgeous

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  • Nicole Bye

    You guys always take such beautiful pictures. It always looks so carefree & natural. I’ve been with my husband for almost 12yrs & we can’t even do that lol. It’s a tricky thing. Wishing you both a wonderful holiday together from my little family to yours! Merry Christmas & have an amazing new year.

    Cheers, Nicole

  • In most Christmases past, I’ve been dating someone and had my own little traditions with them. But this year I’m single and freshly moved with a new job. It was not an easy Christmas. I spent my morning at church (a friend was supposed to meet me there, but due to weather and road conditions, he couldn’t make it) which was amazing, but then I spent the afternoon with my parents who are going through a divorce. Can you say awkward? My mother tried to make me feel welcome while my father tried to get me on his ‘side’ in the separation. I’ve decided that I’ll make a new tradition for myself though. I’ll end Christmas by settling down on the couch under a warm blanket and watching White Christmas. It’s a really good movie to unwind to.

  • Aisha Muhammed Ali

    I did not celebrate christmas because I am a muslim, but I did watch a good movie on christmas. I think IT was called holliday with cameron Diaz.
    I think IT is cool that you Love Jesus.
    I also Love Jesus peace be upon him.
    I think your home is really pretty ??
    Nice pictures.

  • love, love, love your holiday picture! ya’ll are precious! and that mantel- beautiful! I hope you get to enjoy rest and relaxation during these holidays! Merry Christmas and have an amazing new year!

  • Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and Matt!! My family tradition has been going to Christmas Eve mass and then opening presents all day Christmas Day in our pajamas. Now that my siblings and I are adults, the presents are more about my 5-year-old and 1-year-old nephews. The kids can’t wait to open presents. For the adults, we also love to watch “A Christmas Story” (the marathon) and any episode of “Friends” because we are fanatics. 🙂

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!! I love the decor!! Pinterest has amazing ideas for decorating for any time of the year and occassion. I love drinking cocoa and eggnog! Been watching White Christmas, Elf, It’s a Wonderful Life and other holiday films.

  • I really, really love Christmas. Here in Sweden we celebrate Christmas on the 24th and every night on the 23th my whole family (pretty much every family in sweden) gathers around the TV to watch “Bingolotto”(a 4,5 hour long lottery game show) and eat “julskinkssmörgås” (Christmas ham sandwich). On the morning of the 24th we always open a few presents around the tree before we eat breakfast (again Christmas ham sandwiches). During the rest of the day we eat “julbord”, spend time with family, watch “Kalle Anka” and open presents. We end the night watching Christmas movies. The day is over before I even know it and if I could wish for one thing it is that the day had more hours.

    I moved away from home this year to go to college and it made me appreciate and cherish these traditions even more. I will never be to old to love Christmas!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I love your Christmas decor btw, so gorge!!

  • You have a beautiful home guys. It radiates love and such peace and tranquility. God bless #LoveGodandLife.

  • Catherine

    Beautiful decorations!! I’m glad you and Matt had a nice, relaxing Christmas! Life is precious so we should all enjoy the times we have with family and friends. Hope you have a wonderful New Year’s as well!

  • I live in Tasmania, Australia and we are experiencing a heat wave as usual! I would love to experience a white Christmas just once. Our Christmas traditions in the past included going to the movies/cinema to watch a Christmas film with other families and people who were on their own for Christmas. We don’t have any family here in Tasmania so we have adopted other families who are in the same situation. We attend 9 lessons in Carols on Christmas Eve and then on Christmas day we attend our church. Our huge lunch includes other families and people on their own and involves squashing as many people onto every chair we can find around many tables. It looks like an Italian restaurant with everyone squished in! Loads of fun. Then we all head to the beach with leftover food and have a picnic. I hope you both had a wonderful day xx

  • I love your house the decorations are so pretty !
    I live in England with my boyfriend but im French so im spending Christmas in England, with his family. Christmas eve was quiet as i was working all day so i needed to relax we stayed at home only me and my man and watched movies. On Christmas day we spent the day at his grandparents with the family we Had a big meal with Turkey cranberry sauce pigs in blanket etc. i love it here in England its very traditional !!! We spent 2hours opening présents haha 26th is boxing day so we eat the leftovers with family (again) i dont know how i managed to eat all that food ^^
    Then we played board games (another Christmas tradition)
    Tomorrow is bank holiday so…we re gonna eat with the family and play board games ha
    And Next week im going to France so ill have another Christmas meal with my family there ! And more presents 😉

    Merry Christmas again and thank you for the lovely photos its nice to see your decorations it gives me ideas for Next year 🙂

  • Maura Gripp

    Your house is beautiful! I don’t have any Christmas Eve traditions anymore they pretty much all disappeared when my mom died. The way I love to spend it is drinking hot cocoa and watching Christmas movies but I don’t always get to do this. I have traditions leading up to it like I have to go to the Macy’s light show and Dickens Village A Christmas Carol and the Comcast holiday spectacular Christmas show.

  • Jennifer

    We always have a huge Christmas eve party with my husband’s extended family (usually around 75 people) then spend Christmas morning at home, just the 4 of us, going out later to visit family. One tradition we have had since we got married its to pick out one new ornament for the tree each year either from a vacation, of to represent something for our family for the year. After we had kids, we also let them each pick out one that they liked for the year. Now that our oldest is 19,and we have been married 22 years,we have quite a collection, filling the whole tree with meaningful memories. My kids love to look at all their ornaments each year.

  • Anonymous

    Hello Angela! Merry Christmas to you and Matt and a Happy New Year for 2017! ? You have a gorgeous home and so festive for the Christmas season. Thank you for sharing it with us. I love all things cosy. So pretty. Merry Christmas again! ????

  • Hello Angela! Merry Christmas to you and Matt and a Happy New Year for 2017! ? You have a gorgeous home and so festive for the Christmas season. Thank you for sharing it with us. I love all things cosy. So pretty. Merry Christmas again! ????

    Sorry I forgot to write my name.?

  • Brittany Blackburn

    I hope you three (of course Soka too) had a very Merry Christmas! Christmas Eve I went to my aunt’s in my Christmas jammies, played our family tradition dice game & had tons of fun! That night, my mom, sister (1 of 4) & I went to candlelight church service, had our tradition of chili dogs & egg nog dinner & It’s A Wonderful Life. Christmas morning, we opened presents & spent the day at a family friend’s. Tons of fun again! Shopping today! I bought some awesome goodies! xoxoxoxo

  • Cliodhna O’Connor

    I live in Ireland, so our Christmas Day starts off with Santa at the dawn for the nieces and nephews ? Followed by a big full Irish breakfast for everyone! Since we were babies by Mam always gets us to dress up nice for the day, we then brew up the coffee and get the Jameson ready for a batch off Irish Coffees by the fire with some board games, Jenga and Speak Out this year! We like our Christmas dinner to be candle lit so we start with a Seadood platter by the fire at 3pm and then the main event, Christmas dinner at 6. We like to enjoy a long dinner with lots of wine and desserts for about 2 hours, and then retire to the living room for a Christmas movie or some stand up comedy. This year it was Mrs Browns Boys with Brendan O’Carroll followed by Tommy Tiernan (All incredible Irish comedians!) that’s a traditional Irish Christmas Day!

    • Anonymous

      That sounds amazing. I like the Irish tradition : )

  • Michelle Johnson

    I love that photos so much! Don’t apologize for taking a break during the holidays! Everyone needs some time to unwind! You definitely deserve it! Love the decoration pics of the house. It came out beautiful and I need those pillows that you have!! I guess a tradition that I have now is spending Christmas Eve with my mom’s family and Christmas night with my step-dad’s family. Once my boyfriend and I are married and have our own house we will start some new traditions. I will most likely take over Christmas Eve and have everyone over. Have a fabulous New Years!! xoxo

  • Matt is talented! I’m in love with your Christmas card photo! My favorite Christmas tradition is getting a new pair of pajamas on Christmas eve

  • Laura Hampton

    Gosh, your home is beautiful. It looks like the picture perfect house for Christmas….can I move in? HA! I hope you both had a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the New Year too! x

  • Arlene Burns

    Love the photos Matt takes, you both look amazing. Well one thing done this year so far booked our wedding 16 February 2019 can’t wait deposit paid and now on the search for a new home soon. Matt would be great to take wedding photographs hint hint 🙂 Back to work today as well and teaching. Had a lovely time my mum was in hospital over the festive period but back home, dementia is getting worse I think and other problems but will not agree to power of attorney although she has capacity, difficult times she should be looked after 24hrs.

    So any new projects on the go for yourself or Matt, will stay tuned 🙂 xx

  • Anonymous

    Long time friend of your Aunt Linda .i met you once in Ohio love your blog .God Bless you on this wonderful journey. Cathy

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