Halloween Makeup Round-Up!

Halloween Makeup Round-Up!

Alright Gorgeous Girls, the day is finally here!  Happy Halloween!! 
Here’s a round-up of my six Halloween makeup looks from this season for your viewing pleasure  🙂
First up, we have the Sexy Leopard/Cat Makeup Tutorial! 
This look was done entirely with regular makeup products you probably already have lying in your makeup drawer. 
Grab an all black outfit and a pair of ears, and you’re all set!  Super adorable and easy peasy.Next, we have Monster High’s Frankie Stein.



Also another easy look.  

Just mix some green face paint with white until you get the proper shade, and voila!  

Again, the other products you probably already have in your makeup collection!  I did have to buy contacts, a wig & outfit for this costume, but fortunately, Monster High is everywhere this year! 

Then there’s a Walking Dead Zombie, or rather “Walker”.



There is a level of skill & creativity involved here, but the gorier you go, the better. 

But don’t forget a pair of creepy contacts.

But we can’t forget one of the most classic spooky women of all time…  Morticia Addams.



She’s creepy and she’s kooky…  But even better, she’s sexy!  

This look is also super easy.  

Mix in a little white face paint with the lightest shade of foundation you can get your hands on and you’ve got the perfect Morticia skin tone.  Add some smoky eyes plus a red lip and you’re done.  

I did buy a black wig for this look, but wore a low cut velvet top and black skirt I already had.  

Accessorize with some whacky rings and Gomez will fall in love.

But if you want to be sexy & seductive this Halloween, then my vampire makeup tutorial is perfect for you.



This look was done also entirely with products I already had in my collection, so no face paint involved (except a tiny bit of stage blood!)  

The contacts are entirely optional, but I liked the idea of larger, more dramatic eyes. 

And last, but certainly not least, is Frozen’s Queen Elsa.



I had way too much fun putting this look together because, let’s be real, I sometimes really believe that I am a queen.  Well, at least of my own house, LOL.

I did buy contacts, a wig and borrowed a super awesome handmade costume.

So there you have it…  Six fun & creative Halloween ideas.

I sure hope that I was able to inspire you this Halloween season.  

Wishing you all a Happy & Safe Halloween, Gorgeous Girls.


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  • Wow these are awesome :).Loved the zombie tutorial. Keep rocking Angela !!

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