OOTD: Destroyed Denim

OOTD: Destroyed Denim
Spring is in full bloom in Los Angeles.  The city is completely lit up in purples and it’s absolutely breathtaking.  Every spring, the Jacaranda trees bloom all over the city, and I’m promising you, almost everywhere you look you see the brilliant purple blooms.  It’s so gorgeous!  So of course I had to take advantage of God’s handiwork and use these beautiful trees for my blog photos!
What I’m Wearing:
Tee – Brandy Melville 
Cardigan – similar here & here 
Jeans – Free People 
Necklace – c/o e+e Project 
Sandals – Steve Madden 
Sunnies – Free People 
Stud Bottom Bag – similar here
I’m seriously loving these jeans.  I’ve always appreciated a good pair of destroyed denim pants, but these are extra special with the split bottoms.  I love how they fall perfectly over your shoes.  It also doesn’t hurt that they fit like a glove.  The only regret I have is not going down a size.  After a wear or two, these babies start to stretch out a bit, so if you can comfortably go down a size (knowing that they’ll stretch out once worn) then do it!



  1. / 9:43 AM

    Love the shoes, Angela! 🙂 It looks like you're feeling better – hope the cold is on it's way out!!!

    • / 5:40 PM

      Thanks Jen! I'm still pretty sick unfortunately 🙁

    • / 9:09 PM

      Oh, boo! I''ve actually got it now, too – fever, cough, sore throat??? Prayers for healing coming your way

  2. / 10:01 AM

    You have no idea how many jeans I had to give away to my family members or friends just because they stretch out so much. When I try them on in the store they fit perfectly but after a couple of days they're too big.
    The pics are gorgeous by the way!


    • / 5:40 PM

      Thanks Alja!! I've learned if they're super stretchy when I try them on, buy a size down! 🙂

  3. / 4:35 PM

    Love the scenery. It looks so pretty there. And you look gorgeous! I like your jeans, and especially your shoes. Absolutely love shoes. I have a collection going on at my husband's dismay..haha.

    • / 5:41 PM

      Thanks Ashley! My hubby isn't particularly happy about my closet/shoe collection either! LOL!

    • / 5:53 PM

      Oh well! Right!? I never said anything to him about his collection of hats…lol. Have a great weekend!

  4. / 5:47 PM

    I loooove those purple flowers 🙂 I have never seen so much purple in the Spring time. I know what you mean with jeans that stretch, I have two pears of shorts that got so big on me after two times wearing them. Your jeans look comfortable though! I hope you're feeling better! Also, I don't know if you ever went to this site, but i did yesterday and can't wait to get some of these dresses http://www.Sammydress.com

    • / 5:41 PM

      Thanks Candace! I gotta check it out! xo

  5. / 6:06 PM

    Hi Angela! I have a question for you. Maybe you've mentioned it in previous tutorials and I might have missed it, but I was wondering if you wear a primer before applying face makeup and if you do, which kind. I'm trying to start a makeup collection and am not aware of any good kinds! If you knew of any great lower-priced options that'd be amazing. Thanks!!

    • / 5:42 PM

      Hi Amanda! I like the Cover FX primer, but I've heard good things about the Maybelline primer lately as well! I used to love the Smashbox PhotoFinish Primer, it's a fantastic product! xo

    • / 4:31 AM

      thank you!! I'll try them out 🙂

  6. Anonymous
    / 11:46 PM

    These pictures are absolutely beautiful! Ever since you posted the picture of the Notebook on your instagram account I have had a question stuck in my head. I posted it on my instagram and facebook and and did not get any real responses. If you had to compare your love to Matt to an epic love story which to me are Titanic, The Notebook or Romeo and Juliet what would you choose and why? you can choose anything these are just examples.

    Maura Gripp

    • / 5:44 PM

      Thanks Maura! Hmmm… That's a hard one! I think maybe The Notebook because we met but weren't actually able to date for some time after that!

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