Afternoon Walk in Uptown

Afternoon Walk in Uptown

One of my favorite things about New Orleans is the big, beautiful old houses all over the city. The Garden District/Uptown area has some of the most breathtakingly gorgeous homes that are so rich with character it just blows my mind. 
This past Sunday, my hubster & I went out for a little walk in the neighborhood.. So I had him take a few pics of some of the beautiful little things that caught my eye to share with my gorgeous readers. I want y’all to get a good feel for the city I’m living in! 

How cool is this squirrel home that someone built and put on a tree in our little neighborhood park area? And it looks like it’s being used! The apple was eaten up on one side 🙂

Here in Uptown, our street names are cemented into the sidewalks on street corners! How cool are these street signs? Love all the character New Orleans has to offer!

The front gates to most homes in this area are so intricate. There doesn’t seem to be any two of the same gate designs (although I’m sure there are!) The gates are so detailed and are fun to look at as you stroll the neighborhood.
Well hello there little Tiffany Blue door.. Can I take you home with me and call you my own? Please??

Okay so I’m kinda, sorta obsessed with this pumpkin display.. I saw it while I was out walking the dog one afternoon and thought that it had Pottery Barn written all over it! 
It was pretty chilly, so I had on a few layers that day.. I shed my coat so I could share what outfit I was wearing for our lazy Sunday afternoon.
sweater – c/o loft, similar herehere and here 
hat – forever 21, similar here and here 
scarf – love story, similar herehere and here 
jeans – j brand 
boots – naughty monkey similar here & here 
bangles – stella & dot

Have a gorgeous day! xo
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  • Melinda1585

    I've never been to New Orleans, but it looks like a gorgeous place to be in the fall! that squirrel home is one of the cutest things i have ever seen!

    • Angela Lanter

      It really is such a fun place to visit.. I hope you get a chance to take a trip down to Nawlins! xo

  • j.sterling

    omg., you HAVE to go on a history tour of the garden district… I did one of the those along with a separate tour around bourbon street, etc. it was so awesome! You learn so much about the gates, and how they were built overseas and sent here- (have you seen the iron fencing with the corn stalks on the top???)… there is SO MUCH history there, it's amazing!!! I loved visiting New Orleans and i'm a little sad i'm not coming for the book signing anymore in February. It's a unique city. 🙂

    • Angela Lanter

      Yeah we haven't done any tours except of the French Quarter which was really cool! You're right, the city has so much history to offer!

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