Hair Care Fridays – Biotin

Hair Care Fridays – Biotin
When I was a Senior in high school, I suddenly lost more than 50% of my eyelashes on one eye.. Right before Senior photos! It was awful. The lashes refused to grow back. I was wearing thick eyeliner and individual false eyelashes all the time. It was miserable. Finally, I asked my doctor about my eyelash problem and he recommended that I start taking a supplement called Biotin. I’ve been taking it ever since.
Biotin is a B vitamin that is well known for its beauty benefits. Biotin helps to strengthen nails, prevents hair loss (eyelashes & eyebrows too!), keeps hair healthy, fights against acne, and so much more. Biotin can be found naturally in leafy green vegetables, but I never get enough of those in my diet (who does?!)  Studies have found that Biotin can even help your skin fight against some signs of aging and add a luster to dull skin. 
So if your hair is dry, damaged and/or brittle, or your skin is dull or you’re suffering from acne, or your nails are thin and peeling, why not add Biotin to your daily routine? If you’re unsure about using this supplement, talk to your doctor!
I’m a firm believer in Biotin and it’s beauty benefits. Biotin has really helped me over the past 10 years to keep my hair, skin, eyelashes and nails looking and feeling their healthiest. 
PS- Since I started taking Biotin, I’ve never lost my eyelashes again! Give Biotin a try! 🙂
Have a gorgeous day! xo


  1. Erna
    / 6:28 PM

    Is Biotin only avaible in the states?

    • / 4:57 AM

      I'm not sure.. But I do know you can buy it online!

  2. / 7:59 PM

    I have really thin, short, straight, asian lashes so I'm happy to hear this could work! Thanks for your post!

  3. / 9:27 AM

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