Comic Con or Bust!

Comic Con or Bust!

Comic Con is finally here.. And I’m so excited! Today I’m heading down to San Diego with my hubby to promote his new show, Star-Crossed.
This is my first trip to San Diego’s Comic Con, I did get to go to it in NYC a few years ago.. and I loved it. It’s seriously the best people watching you’ll ever encounter. I really think that everyone needs to experience Comic Con once in their lifetime!
We’re major Walking Dead fans so I’m crazy stoked to go to the Walking Dead party. My best friend is going to be SO jealous- sorry, Megs!
I’ll make sure to take some photos over the next couple of days and post them. Happy Wednesday 🙂
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  • Anonymous

    i wish we had comic con here at philippines……..


    • Angela Lanter

      It's really amazing!! Thanks for reading 🙂

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