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How to Organize Your Pantry like a Pro

how to organize your pantry like a pro angela lanter hello gorgeous how to organize your pantry like a pro angela lanter hello gorgeous

A new year, a new you.  Those are the words I keep seeing over and over again.  With a new year comes the pressure to make big changes to everything in your life.  This year, I decided to do things different…  I chose to kick off 2019 with a break from social media (for the most part) and spent that time KonMari-ing the crap out of my house.

I love to organize.  I sometimes think that I missed my calling in life, organizing truly give me that much joy.  If you’re a member of the Gorgeous Girls Facebook group, then you already saw how much I love the new Marie Kondo series on Netflix…  And pretty much every other girl in my group does too.  You watch one episode and you’re immediately motivated to get.to.TOSSIN.  I’m already a pretty organized person, and I love to purge (see this post).  This series just helped kick me into a higher gear, to attack the things I had been neglecting or just needed a tune up.  Biggest areas on my list?  My junk drawer, photo boxes and albums and my pantry.

I spent a good amount of time getting my pantry in check, and y’all, I LOVE the outcome.  I walk in and know exactly where everything is.  Here are a few tips I have after getting my pantry in tip-top shape.

how to organize your pantry like a pro angela lanter hello gorgeous

  1. Go through everything.  Throw out the expired items and donate the foods you know no one in your house willeat.  Please don’t waste, there are so many soup kitchens that would gladly take your unused, unopened foods.  Donating is my very favorite part of a clean out.
  2. Empty your pantry.  Same goes for cabinets, refrigerator, whatever space it is that you store your food.  Empty it completely so you can take a step back and get a good look at the space you have to work with.
  3. Deep clean your shelves.  With your shelves or drawers being emptied, this is the perfect time to give everything a good scrub down.  Be honest, when was the last time you did this?  Probably longer than you’d like to admit and it’s probably way past due.  You won’t regret having a squeaky clean space to store your food.
  4. Survey your space.  Take a step back and look at your space.  I mean, really look at it.  Think about what your reach for most often, and store those items where they are most easily accessible.  Put the items you use the least in the hardest to reach spots.  For the lowest shelves, store things like water bottles and soda, because you’ll be refilling these shelves frequently.
  5. Get to shopping.  Now is the fun part (for me), buying the storage containers.  After you look over your space, figure out what you need to best use what storage area you have.  I love using things like a Lazy Susan for my baking ingredients.  As for cans, I use step-style shelves so I can easily see what I have without knocking over cans to look in the back.  Soda can containers and fridge bins come in so handy for storing soda cans, other canned goods and produce that you don’t want to refrigerate, like potatoes.  I knew I wanted baskets, so I measured my shelves and bought these storage baskets which worked perfectly in my pantry.
  6. Don’t forget containers.  My favorite way to store things like pasta, coffee, flour, sugar, etc. is in clear, airtight containers.  I can see exactly what I have and how much of it.  I simply tape the expiration onto the bottom of the container so I know when I need to replace that particular item.
  7. Label all the things.  I’m a label freak as it is, but labels are especially handy in a pantry for men…  Because let’s be honest, husbands can never find what they’re looking for.  I bought these bin clips and then made my own labels and printed them at home, using my very favorite font.  As for my beautiful decals, I order all of those from Etsy.
  8. Stock your shelves.  Group like items together and move them to the front of the shelf so you can easily see what you have.  When your items are pushed back, the labels are harder to read and it’s less pleasing to look at.

My sweet friend Erin over at Cotton Stem posted on Stories about needing pantry organization help which inspired me to share my pantry project with y’all!  What area of your home are you planning to attack first?  Leave any organization tips or hacks below, I love learning all I can about how to be smart with my space!

I have some New Year posts lined up that I can’t wait to share, like revealing my word for 2019 and my new mission statement for Hello Gorgeous.  Leave any special requests for posts below, I’d love to know what you would like to see from me this year!

13 Tips for Purging your Home

SheIn $15 striped romper Rosemary Beach, FL angela lanter hello gorgeous


SheIn $15 striped romper Rosemary Beach, FL angela lanter hello gorgeous

SheIn $15 striped romper Rosemary Beach, FL angela lanter hello gorgeous

SheIn $15 striped romper Rosemary Beach, FL angela lanter hello gorgeous

SheIn $15 striped romper Rosemary Beach, FL angela lanter hello gorgeous

SheIn $15 striped romper Rosemary Beach, FL angela lanter hello gorgeous

SheIn $15 striped romper Rosemary Beach, FL angela lanter hello gorgeous

Y’all.  I’ve fallen down a deep dark hole.  That hole is called “Purging”.  My husband may never speak to me again (kidding).  I came home from the dermatologist yesterday with every intention of sitting down to write this blog post.  But something inside of my brain snapped and said, you need to clean out your kitchen cabinets.  NOW.  8 hours and one car full of donations later, my kitchen is unrecognizable.  It began a domino effect for me though…  I moved on to Matt’s office, and every other room in my house.  If it was in my path, it was in danger of being tossed or donated.  I’m now +2 car fulls of donations deep.  And it feels awesome.

I feel like a new woman with a new home.  I’m not sure how I accumulate so much stuff in such a short time because I’m a Grade A purger (is purger even a real word?).  Family and friends call me when they need motivation to organize or purge.  It’s like a secret talent (or weapon in Matt’s opinion).  Here are a few tips I can give for anyone who needs a good house or closet purge.

  1. Use my 3 month rule.  If I haven’t worn or used an item in 3 months and can’t see myself using it in the next 3 months, it’s gone.
  2. Throw out excess and duplicates.  Specifically, toss those extra linens and towels you don’t use.  Almost every linen closet I encounter has +3 sets of bed sheets for each bed.  Let’s be real for a second…  You use one set, maybe two, wash that set and put it back on, or rotate with your other favorite set.  For adult beds, anything over two sets is really unnecessary.
  3. Donate uncomfortable shoes, clothes, linens and more.  If you don’t enjoy wearing something, why keep it?  Just because a certain pair of shoes is to die for doesn’t mean you should feel like you’re dying every time you try to wear them.  Move on, girlfriend!
  4. Don’t forget your underwear, swimsuits and sock drawers.  Areas that most of us forget to clean out!  How many times have you put on a pair of undies and thought, “These are so uncomfortable”?  Or looked are your socks and realized they have -10 wears left in them.  This is the time to go out with the old and in with the new, if you need new.
  5. Organize.  Be sure to neatly organize the items you decide to keep.  After you empty shelves, cabinets and drawers, organize and categorize as you replace everything.
  6. Deep clean as you purge.  Sounds like a nightmare, I know.  But listen, if you are emptying a space, take an extra 60 seconds to clean and disinfect the shelf or drawer.
  7. Look at expiration dates and toss. it. OUT.  I’m not just talking about food but toiletries too.  Did you know sunscreen expires?
  8. Clean out that medicine cabinet.  Toss out expired medicines, supplements and ointments.  Make a list of items that need replaced as you purge.
  9. Toss mismatched Tupperware and dishes.  Most kitchens have about 150 plastic lids and 25 containers.  Match them up and toss out the rest.
  10. And while you’re in the kitchen, clean out that utensils drawer.  I just did this last week, and y’all, I couldn’t believe how many broken and melted kitchen tools that needed thrown out.
  11. Attack that junk drawer.  We all have one.  My junk drawer is the last drawer on the right in my kitchen.  One day, I completely emptied the drawer, cleaned and sanitized the drawer itself and began purging all the crud that lived there.  I put in two of these drawer dividers (love them!) and kept one side for keys, one side for pens and pencils and the largest middle section for everything else.
  12. Pace yourself.  If you undertake too big of a job, you’ll tucker out and throw in the towel.  Set attainable goals.  Aim for one room, area or even cabinet each day.  Remember, slow and steady wins the race.
  13. Recruit a friend.  Have a hard time parting with junk (be honest…)?  Ask a friend or family member to come over and help you decide what to keep, what to donate and what to trash.  Be willing to return the favor.

Purging is the best feeling when it’s all said and done.  If you need a little inspiration, check out the book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing“.  This book gives great tips and ideas for what to get rid of and why.  I don’t agree with every single suggestion or that you need to thank each item you own for it’s service (so silly) but I was very inspired to get off my toosh and get to tossin’!

What are some of your favorite purging or organizing tips and tricks?  Leave a comment and let me know!  I love to hear from my fellow organization junkies sisters!

Okay, okay…  My purging rant has come to an end.  Today’s look is from our time at 30A.  This striped romper is so cute, but the back is fully open, so I would suggest my go-to sticky bra with this look.  Let’s be honest though, my favorite part of this outfit are the donuts.  The Donut Hole is the most incredible donut shop I’ve ever been to in.my.LIFE.  Not joking.  If you’re ever in the Panhandle, this place is a MUST!

This post was originally posted on Aug 2, 2016.

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