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Our Nashville Home: The Entryway

Our Nashville Home: The Entryway

I know it’s Girl Talk Tuesday, but I’m up to my eyeballs in house stuff here in Nashville.  The only semi-finished area of the home is our entryway, so I wanted to share with y’all since I love the way it’s coming together.

The table and mirror came with our house, so we had a great starting point.  I found a similar table here and mirror here.

Last week, our designers took me to the best furniture spot in downtown Franklin and I found everything you’re seeing in this photo.  The table lamps are made by Forty West and unfortunately I wasn’t able to locate them online.  I did find some other lamps I love from the same brand that I linked below.

I went crazy when I saw this candelabra and wood bead combo.  It had to come home with me.  I was able to track down the candelabra online and found similar wood beads on Amazon.

The white vase is actually a ginger jar without a lid.  We added some bleached branches and I love the look.

We still need to add something else to the tabletop to complete the look.  I also plan to have Matt hide the cords.  I’m currently looking at wallpaper samples to possibly wallpaper the entry way.  It’s not a firm decision yet, but I’m leaning towards a print like this possibly.  I love the neutral colors and fun design!


entryway details


Saying Goodbye to our LA Home | Girl Talk Tuesday

It’s time to write a new story.

Today we closed the sale of our LA house.  Just typing that out makes me feel all sorts of emotions.

When I walked into our LA house for the first time, it took my breath away.  It wasn’t my dream home, I never grew up thinking I’d ever own a home THAT gorgeous, it was more than I ever could’ve dreamed up.

We poured our hearts into making it ours.  We loved every second that we spent putting our personal touch on every room.

We watched fireworks from the rooftop on July 4th.

I told Matt he was going to be a daddy in that kitchen.

Kenny girl slept her first night at home in her bassinet next to us in that master bedroom.

She took her first steps in that playroom and said her first word in that living room.

Soka played more games of fetch than we could ever count in that backyard.

We hosted pool parties.  Watched so many movies.  We hung out in the hot tub and laughed countless times with our LA family.

This house was a refuge for us in all the craziness that LA can be.  It was our family home.  But now, it’s time to say goodbye. We are beginning a new chapter in a new home and as sad as I am to leave my dream house behind, I’m so excited for the adventures that await us in Nashville.  I’m feeling all of the emotions today as I remember all the amazing memories that we made in our home.

I know there are so many new memories still to be made.  I just really, really loved that house.  If I could pick it up and move it to Nashville, I would.  Here’s a closer look at our home.

Saying Goodbye to our LA HomeSaying Goodbye to our LA HomeSaying Goodbye to our LA HomeSaying Goodbye to our LA HomeSaying Goodbye to our LA HomeSaying Goodbye to our LA HomeSaying Goodbye to our LA HomeSaying Goodbye to our LA Home

As much as I’ll miss this beautiful house, I’m so excited to turn our attention to our new Nashville home.  So many are asking about our living situation, so I wanted to clear it up in this post.  We have officially sold our house in LA.  We will be renting a new place in LA, but we have bought a new house in Nashville.  We are splitting our time between Nashville and LA moving forward. 

Why Nashville?  Well, we have always wanted to live in the South.  When we visited earlier this summer, we just fell in love with the area, so it felt like the right place for move for our family.  We really want to raise MacKenlee in a more normal place.  LA is great for many reasons, but there are things we don’t like about it, especially for raising our family.

As for the townhouse in Ohio, we will be keeping that as long as Matt continues to film in Toronto.  It’s so nice to have our own place when we’re home in Ohio.  It makes such a difference to have your own bed and your baby have her own room when you’re spending a lot of time somewhere.

We’re in a particularly busy season of life right now.  I’m a lost less sentimental about moving, houses and most “things” that a lot of people.  I will absolutely miss our house in LA, but it’s just four walls.  My husband and Kenny girl…  They’re my home.


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Our Coastal Master Bedroom Reveal

Our bedroom is our haven.  You spend more time in your bedroom, specifically in your bed, than you probably do anywhere else throughout the week.  Sleep is really important to us, so I knew I wanted our master to feel cozy, warm and inviting…  While also being neutral.  What?  You didn’t expect me to do anything other than light, bright and airy, now did you?  I did compromise with some bold pops of blue throughout the room. 🙂

Our room was painted grey (don’t ask the paint name, because our builder never gave it to us!) before we moved in.  It’s always been the one thing I wanted to change about our master since it looks so blue in person.  It’s so weird to see how grey the walls look in these photos.

The only structural changes we made after moving in was swapping out the light fixture for our gorgeous Restoration Hardware chandelier and installing window shades.  Other than those two things, we loved everything about the room.  The vaulted ceiling makes the room feel even larger than it is.  The ceiling is shiplap and adds a nice touch to the space.  I love our French doors leading out to the balcony.  And don’t even get me started on my white marble fireplace. *all the heart eyes*


welcome to our bedroom


Our Master Bedroom Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Our Master Bedroom Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

We had our bed custom made after I fell in love with it (in grey) at a condo we stayed at in 30A.  At that time, I’d never seen a bed like it, but I’ve recently noticed similar styles popping up at Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn.

Our nightstands, table lamps, light fixture, custom sofa and planter are all from Restoration Hardware.

Our Master Bedroom Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

My best find for our master would probably have to be our rug.  I found our 9×12 area rug at Target and it was love at first sight.  Oh, and I can’t forget Soka’s crate.  Dog crates stick out like a sore thumb.  I found this pretty white one on Amazon and love how it fits the aesthetic of the room.  Her crate looks more like a piece of furniture than any other crate I’ve ever seen.  (Insert praise hands here, lol!)

Our Master Bedroom Angela Lanter Hello GorgeousOur Master Bedroom Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

I chose to stack our windowpane mirrors on the wall opposite the windows to help bounce back some light in the room.  It worked like a dream.  I also leaned a large mirror I found at Homegoods, because I gotta have a selfie mirror.  Helllllloooo, #bloggerlife, lol.

Our Master Bedroom Angela Lanter Hello GorgeousOur Master Bedroom Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

I bought a room refresh package from Decorist to help with the finishing touches on this room.  It was so helpful to have another set of eyes on our space.  With that help, I was able to incorporate a coastal feel with it feeling to “themed.”

Most of our decor is still in stock and some of it is even on sale.  All pieces still available are linked below.


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