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This week has been a weird one in Nashville.

Actually, it’s been a weird and sad one in a lot of areas with all of this intense winter weather.

We’ve been snowed in since Sunday and haven’t left the house.  I’m not complaining, I actually don’t mind it.  But I’m thinking that tomorrow is the day that we need to get OUT.

The heavy ice and snow actually ripped the gutter off our studio and took out our fence in the process yesterday, so that’s going to be fun for Matt to fix!

I haven’t shared a Friday Five or Saturday Six post in a loooooong time, so I thought this could be fun to put together on this chilly Friday night before I sign off for the weekend!




I finally cracked open my new Urban Decay Wild West Naked palette and y’all!  I’m in love.  SO many gorgeous earthy tones.  Be sure to sign up for the Urban Decay emails to snag an extra 15% off the new palette.




Repeat after me: Spring is right around the corner. Spring is right around the corner.  I feel this down to my bones (that need thawed out).  I’m ready for the sun to make it’s reappearance and I’m especially ready for longer days.  Check out this post to shop these cutie Spring sandals and shoes.  They are currently on sale for 5% off with the Target Circle app.



I’ve been reading a ton this winter.  I’ve really gravitated towards romance and here’s a list of my current favorite authors.



This week we started watching Schitt’s Creek on Netflix.  I had started watching it back a few months ago and just didn’t get into it.  I decided to give it another try and wow.  I find myself literally cackling at most every episode.  Last night we watched the Amish episode with David and the LOLs were REAL.


We recently transformed our back porch into a winter wonderland.  The space calls to you, making you crave a cup of coffee and a good book.  Watch the full transformation video here.


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