Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

We’re only a few short days from Christmas.  How is that even possible??  This year, and especially this month, has absolutely flown by us.  I’m sitting here with a swirly head trying to figure out who the heck I still need to buy Christmas gifts for!

If you’re like me and trying to pull together the last minute greatness, then check out this video.  I’m not reinventing the wheel, but I do have a few ideas that perhaps you haven’t thought of already.


last minute gift ideas


Smell goods.  Everyone likes to smell good.  And everyone likes when you smell good.  So giving the gift of fragrance is always appreciated.  You can run into your local store or mall at any point between now and Christmas Eve and pick up a great scent set with no problem at all.


Gift cards…  with a twist.  Personalize it!  Add in a little special something to make it more than just a gift card.  Have parents on your shopping list?  How about a gift card for dinner out plus a handmade coupon for a night of free babysitting!


Baked goods.  This is just a fun way to DIY a gift that pretty much everyone will enjoy.


Throw blanket.  Anyone on your Christmas list will enjoy the gift of coziness.


Hot Hands.  An awesome stocking stuffer idea!


Framed photo.  See how I style my large prints in this blog post.


Cash.  Kids loves cash.  They love knowing that they have this money in their pocket to spend.  Find a creative way to package it )so many great ideas on Pinterest!) and give the kids in your life some money this Christmas!


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