Pinterest Engagement Party!

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Early last year, my mom threw us an engagement party back home in Ohio. Really, it was a Pinterest party more than it was an engagement party. I took basically every party idea ever posted on Pinterest and used it on our party. I had so much help from so many awesome friends and family members.. I couldn’t have pulled off all this without each of them! 
Here’s an inside look at our party decorations!
My wonderful cousin made this adorable banner that said, “He put a ring on it!” and it hung over our water station.

I used fishing line and sewed up a valance of balloons to hang over the longest wall in the patio room.

Each table had a handmade runner which were made by my aunt. The colors were hot pink, orange and turquoise. So each table alternated colors of the runner along with alternated colors of napkins. Each table also had a mason jar with our photos back to back tied up with a pretty little bow and our initials with a handmade and painted plus sign.

For our menus, I found $1.00 chalkboards at Joann’s then we painted them different colors. Once dried, we used sandpaper to give them a distressed look. I found paper straws in our colors on Etsy and had them separated by color and placed them in Mason jars along with Hawaiian umbrellas for the drinks.

I also had paper napkins made in our three colors with different quotes written on them such as “She said yes!”, “And they lived happily ever after” & “He put a ring on it!”

 For cups, we used mason jars. We painted hearts on with chalkboard spray paint. The chalkboard paint wasn’t as user friendly as we had hoped. I originally planned to have chalk so everyone could write their own name on their cups. The paint wouldn’t allow chalk so instead we chose to use white paint pens and write our initials on the jars.
We had “Hillbilly Wine Glasses” for our drinks 🙂
Instead of having a cake at the party, my mom created a cupcake tower. The top layer was a coconut cake. Please note the incredible tutu skirt my aunt made for the cake stand.. Could you die?! The table skirt was a tutu skirt too, but hot pink with a turquoise ribbon for a band around the table.

For a special treat for my amazing fiancé  I had Star Wars, Batman, Captain America and Spiderman cookies made for the party!

My mom made these adorable cupcake bouquets. She used flower pots and put a styrofoam ball inside. Then she used toothpicks to stick the cupcakes into the styrofoam. She used pieces of tulle fabric in between the cupcakes but you could absolutely use tissue paper as separators also.

Now comes my favorite part.. The candy bar! The picture was so easy. We used sticker letters and cut out the shape of a mustache and framed it attached to hot pink scrapbook paper. The candy bouquets are vases filled with gumballs and a styrofoam ball on top. We had to cutoff the bottom of the ball so it would sit evenly on the gumballs. Then I just stuck Dumdum suckers all over the styrofoam to make it mimic the appearance of a flower arrangement.

This isn’t a fabulous photo, but you can see here that we used all shapes and sizes of apothecary jars and filled them with different candies in our colors. We finished them off by tying a bow on each jar that matched the color of the candy.

In the basket are chocolates melted into adorable shapes all in our colors. The pompoms are made from tissue paper and floral wire.

For the candy bags, I handmade each bag. I used white paper bags I found at Wal-Mart and used a stamp of the Eiffel Tower I found at Paper Source (I think!) and free handed the writing. I used a hole punch to make two holes and tied a hot pink bow on each bag. My inspiration came from a party favor bag I had seen on Etsy.

Now onto the pompoms.. These were SO much work. We had a pompom alternating in color attached to the back of every chair in the room. We also had them hanging from the ceiling with fishing line over the buffet and drink area.

Here’s a behind the scenes photo of the day before the party where you can see the pompoms hanging from the ceiling. By the time we were done, there were a lot more hanging then what is shown here.

I had requested my aunt to cut the watermelon slices like slices of pie and put them on a popsicle stick so people could eat them like a popsicle. The initials were such an awesome touch!

For the gift table, my aunt made a table skirt that resembled a tutu skirt but alternated colors- so cute!

Finally, behind the buffet table was these glass windows that were so boring. So I decided to string up some fishing line and hang personal photos of us with clothespins and made it look like a clothesline of photos hanging every which way. Turned out so cute!
[I’ll try to find a photo to post!]
For a party favor, we made paper holders for sparklers that read, “Sparks flew when we met!” The bucket holding the sparklers was also painted with chalkboard paint and Sparklers written on it. We used Mason jars to hold our matches and made a sign with scrapbook paper and sticker letters to “find your perfect match”.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look into our engagement party decorations and hopefully found a little “pinspiration” from them! 🙂

Nourage Hair Vitamins

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I’m a major vitamin advocate. I’ve been taking the supplement, Biotin, daily since I was about 18 years old. I lost my eyelashes when I was a senior in high school and ever since then I’ve had to take supplements to keep them from falling out again. I’ll talk about what I do specifically for my lashes in another post. 
Biotin not only helped my eyelashes, but also benefited my hair, skin and nails. The downfall of Biotin is that you have to take it daily. For the rest of your life. Let me just tell you, that gets old really fast.
So a friend told me about Nourage hair vitamins. She had seen that Kyle Richards on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had finally given up her secret to her insanely gorgeous hair.. And it’s these little beauties! I have to admit, I’ve been obsessing over Kyle’s beautiful locks for as long as I can remember, so I’ve searched online many times for her secret. Now I know! 
I’m now on month two of this supplement. It’s not cheap, coming in at $59.95 for a one month supply. The catch here though is that you don’t have to take it for the rest of your life.. Winner! You take three pills in the morning and three pills at night for eight months. After those eight months are up, you take a one to two month break from the supplement. After your break, you continue usage for another two months. At that point you’re done! Ten months and that’s it! After that, a one to two month supply yearly is recommended to keep up the results. 
My first month, I was really terrible at taking these like I was supposed to. Now I’m on a schedule and not missing any doses. I haven’t yet noticed any crazy difference, but I have noticed that my hair seems a little shinier than usual (maybe it’s wishful thinking since it’s still early on!) I’ll keep you guys posted on the results as I continue my usage!

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

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When it came time to ask my bridesmaids to be in my wedding, I wanted to do it in the most original way possible. My bridesmaids are spread out all over the country so I wanted to mail them each a “Bridesmaid Invitation” with a personal touch. 
I googled and Pinterested and searched high & low to find some good ideas.. But I came up with a big fat nothing. 
That’s when I decided to get creative. I found the most amazing cookie designer on Etsy at Ali’s Sweet Tooth who made up these gorgeous cookies for each of my girls! 
I mean how gorgeous are these? Every part of the cookie is edible! She even sprayed the wording with glitter which just made the cookie sooooo pretty.
But the cookie wasn’t enough pizazz.. I needed something more. I expressed my ideas to the owner of the Etsy cookie shop and she referred to one of her fellow Etsy friends over at Crafts by Rosa. I immediately fell in love with Rosa’s work while looking through her current listings on her Etsy shop! So I messaged Rosa, gave her the info regarding the cookies being made and she came up with these personalized suitcases:
I found the saying on Pinterest, “I found my man.. But I still need my girls” and I had to use it. So I gave this saying to Rosa and she used it for my luggage tag! The suitcase was the best idea ever since most of my maids are traveling to be at my big day.
My favorite part of it is when you opened your box and read the luggage tag, you then slid open the suitcase and read “Will you be my bridesmaid?” 
I also included in each box a personal note from me which included: personal inside jokes, reasons why I want them to be my bridesmaid, crazy requests I may make, etc. Some were sappy, others were funny but all were unique in their own special way!
Hope this inspires you to be a little creative today!

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