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Here in LA, we’ve been having the most amazing weather the past few days.. It’s been just about 80 degrees! Needless to say, we haven’t needed to bundle up this week. Here’s a few photos of the outfit I was wearing this evening.
Today I’m wearing my faux black leather leggings from Zara, nude & black super high heels from Charlotte Russe and a mint green cutout sweater from a little store here in LA named Style Code.
Hope you guys are keeping warm! Tomorrow is our last nice weather day and the rain is moving our way. Hope you had a blessed Tuesday 🙂

Shredded Chicken Taco Recipe

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Yesterday I threw this together in the crockpot and it turned out delicious! Here’s the recipe:
– 1 lb. of chicken breasts
– 1 can of cream of chicken soup
– 1 cup of salsa
– 1 packet of taco seasoning
– 1 can of black beans (drained)

Place chicken into crock pot and pour soup, salsa & drained black beans on top. Stir all ingredients together in crock pot. Pour taco seasoning on top of the mixture. Cover and cook on low for 6 hours. Mine was done in about 4.5 hours. Once chicken is cooked through, shred the chicken. You can shred easily with a fork, however I like to use my mixer to shred the chicken on low until it’s the desired consistency. Once shredded mix your chicken back into the soup mixture. If you like a drier chicken then use 1.5-2 lbs. of chicken breasts.
Here’s a photo of everything after it’s been fully cooked:

You can use your favorite toppings to make tacos, burritos or taco salads. I love to use shredded lettuce, sour cream & cheese. I crushed up nachos and made a taco salad- seriously yummy!
Here’s what the dish looked like after fully cooked and once the chicken was shredded:

Valentine’s Wreath

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With Valentine’s Day just right around the corner, I decided it’s time to get my house decorated for our favorite day to celebrate love.

I’ve seen several variations of Valentine’s Day wreaths on Pinterest and decided that a red burlap wreath would do the trick! I can’t recall where I saw this, but it’s not my original idea.. I’m just a copycat on this one, guys! 🙂

I used the following to make my wreath:

– Scissors
– Straight pins
– 1.5 yards of red burlap
– Floral wire
– Styrofoam wreath. I used 12″ but you can use any size just buy more or less burlap.
So I cut squares of the burlap that were approx. 4″x4″. I didn’t measure the squares, just eyeballed them and cut the squares to what looked right. Each square I folded in half and then in half again. You can either pin your squares this way or trim your edges to be rounded. I chose to round them only because I already have another similar wreath that is not rounded. Not rounding your edges will give you more of a ragged look which is also fun.

One thing I need to you warn you about when working with burlap is how incredibly messy it is. I had to take off everything I was wearing and sweep all the floors when I was done.. Cutting burlap creates this sort of “dust” that just gets all over everything! But the finished product was worth the little bit of clean up I had to do.

Once your square is folded & trimmed to your liking, stick a straight pin through the folded portion and pin it into the wreath. I started a layer on the inside and worked my out till I had covered all of the visible parts of the styrofoam wreath.

Once I had covered the entire wreath with my pinned folded burlap, I used floral wire to attach my wreath to our front door.
I love how it turned out.. But it’s just missing something. I’m thinking a painted “xoxo” or maybe an arrow? We’ll see what I come up with 🙂

Update: I added an arrow to the wreath. It was SO easy! I used a bamboo skewer from my kitchen drawer- the kind used for shish kabobs haha! Then I cut out pieces of baby pink felt and hot glued on an arrowhead and a tail. Then I used my leftover straight pins to attach the arrow to the wreath. Here’s my finished product:

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