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Saturday Six – April Recap

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a Saturday Six!  I love these posts because it’s just a fun way for me to quickly share six things with y’all.  These are some of the things I’ve been loving in April. 😊

1. Let’s kick things off with my latest YouTube video.  Yesterday I posted a video all about Hunter Boots.  I wear my rain boots all the time, so I thought it would be fun to create a video about my experience with them.  Leave a comment on YouTube if you have Hunters and let me know what you think about them!

Hunter Boot Collection and Full Review 2017

2. Royal Highnies PJs.  I fell in love with these insanely soft PJs while vacationing recently in 30A.  The Royal Highnies team was kind enough to send me a care package which I gave a sneak peek of on Instagram Stories yesterday.  I ran a full test on these jammies by sleeping in them last night and I’m not exaggerating when I tell you they are the softest I have ever felt!

Royal Highnies Pajamas Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Royal Highnies Pajamas Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

3. Bistro Chairs.  I’ve had my eye on bistro chairs ever since we visited Paris.  I snagged a pair of these chairs for $175, which was an awesome price.  The quality is amazing and they’re going to be so adorable on our patio!

Wayfair Paris Bistro Chairs Outdoor patio angela lanter hello gorgeous

4. Biore Self Heating Mask.  Another post from my Instagram Stories is this mask.  It’s a one minute self-heating mask that feels so nice on your skin.  You can purchase a box with 4 masks for only $7.50 here.

5. Homegoods Lanterns.  I’ve been a Homegoods fiend for a while now.  I love that you can walk in and discover something new for your home that you didn’t know that you couldn’t live without.  The downside?  It’s almost always impossible to find a matching pair of anything.  I did score these amazing distressed wood lanterns this week for $25 each.  I can’t wait to see them on our new patio table!  In case you love them as much as I do, I found them on Wayfair for you to shop as well!

homegoods wayfair distressed wood lanterns white washed angela lanter hello gorgeous

6. Chrome Nails.  After man years of acrylics, I decided to take a break from them this week.  My nails were pretty long because I only had an overlay at this point, so I decided to go with a gel manicure.  I chose this rose gold chrome gel polish and I’m totally obsessed.  I don’t know the name or brand, but I can tell you that my nail tech used a bright coral gel polish then applied a fine, loose glitter on top for the chrome affect.

Chrome gel nails mani manicure rose gold angela lanter hello gorgeous

Do you have any new discoveries this past April that you’re dying to share?  Let me know in the comments below!

Shop My April Faves:

Hunter Boots, video review by Angela Lanter
150 150 Angela Lanter

Hello Home: Kitchen Counter Stools

My last post I chatted about starting the process of decorating our new home in LA and y’all seemed to love the idea of me sharing the process.  With that feedback, my newest series was born: Hello Home.  We were so inspired by the beautiful homes and interiors in 30A that we want to pull from those interiors as inspiration for our home.  I like to describe our style as “Coastal Americana.”  I love light, bright and airy spaces filled with beautiful neutral pieces.  I want our home to look bright and clean while feeling cozy and inviting.

Hello Home Decor angela lanter hello gorgeous

I figured why not kick off this series with the decision currently plaguing me: kitchen counter stools.  Seems like a not very big decision, I’m sure.  To us, it’s a big decision though.  I’m currently writing this blog post from my kitchen counter.  Our kitchen is the hot spot of our home.  We eat our meals at the bar, (obviously) work there and sometimes watch tv from there.  I want to choose quality counter stools that will endure the heavy use we put them through. But I also want them to be comfortable for long sit sessions while also looking beautiful.

If you remember this post, we had the Corrine Linen Counter Stools from Pier 1.  These natural colored stools are incredibly comfortable and were definitely a great purchase for our old house.  We brought them to the new house, and they look very out of place.  Our kitchen is primarily white with grey, so the dark legs and bronze hardware stick out like a sore thumb.  Not to mention, we only had two of these counter stools, and our new island calls for three.

I’ve been married to the idea of the Restoration Hardware Round Cane Back French Stools forever.  After spending tons of time scouring Pinterest and Houzz for inspiration, I’m now prepared to go another direction.  I wanted to share some of my favorite counter stools with you in case you too were in the market for some new furniture.

Before we hop into the current counter stool selection, I wanted to debunk a Restoration Hardware misconception.  Most people hear RH and think, “It’s sooo expensive.”  You are right in certain situations, like rugs.  However, my beloved round counter stools in the basic combo (Burnt Oak/ Sand Belgian Linen) are $243 each (Member pricing, which is a must do!).  If you look at the lookalikes I found online, they’re both higher priced at Wayfair and World Market.  Both of these retailers are found to be “cost effective” to most shoppers, yet their prices for RH inspired pieces tend to run even higher!  The quality of RH cannot be beat, I know that from experience.

Hello Home Decor angela lanter hello gorgeous

As you can see, I’ve been looking at multiple different styles of counter stools.  I like each of them for a different reason and each would look great.

Bistro:  I fell in love with bistro chairs when we visited Paris.  Every time I see a bistro chair, I smile and remember Paris.  I purchased bistro chairs for our outdoor dining area, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to also incorporate them indoors.

Wicker:  These chairs fit perfectly into the “Coastal Americana” feel.  Unfortunately, they don’t tend to be comfortable.  That can easily be remedied with cushions, but I’m not sure if I want cushions tied onto my counter stools.

Bench:  I first saw a bench counter stool in a home decor store on 30A and thought it was such an awesome piece.  The problem is that your bound to sit close to your bar mate whether you want to or not.

Round Back:  This style was where my design heart was all along.  I think round back upholstered chairs are so beautiful.  I do worry that they’re too formal of a design in a more casual, laid back space.

Farmhouse:  These chairs are a classic design and now even come with a padded seat.  I’m not sure if they’re too basic or if they’re just the right look.

I think I made a decision on which stools to buy!  Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite style or guess on which one I chose!

Shop These Kitchen Stools:

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Christmas Home Tour // Merry Christmas!

Today is the best day of the year.  The day we celebrate Christ’s birth with those we love.

Matt & Angela Lanter Christmas Card 2016

This is Matt & I’s 2016 Christmas photo.  I’m so very blessed with a talented hubby that can manage to singlehandedly take such an amazing photo on his own!  We shot this while in Whistler over our Thanksgiving vacation.  We had such a lovely long weekend there.

I’ve been back in LA since the second weekend in December and I’ve been a busy little bee prepping the house for Christmas.  I’m sure you’ve noticed that I haven’t been as active on my blog and socials as I normally am, and I apologize about that…  But I wanted to take a bit of a breather during our Christmas break at home, to just slow down and enjoy the season.

Once we get passed the holidays, and back into January, I’ll pick up with my normal posting schedule.  For now, I’m just enjoying my much needed time with my hubby.

We snapped a few photos of our holiday decor to share with you, and give you a sneak peak into our home during the Christmas holiday…

Christmas Home Tour decor angela lanter hello Gorgeous

Christmas Home Tour decor angela lanter hello Gorgeous

Christmas Home Tour decor angela lanter hello Gorgeous

My mom flew out to LA last week and helped me put the finishing touches on my Christmas decor, including the gorgeous ribbon on my tree.  You can’t see in the photos, but I finally found my off-white faux fur tree skirt that I’ve been looking for several years for!  The skirt sold out, but here’s the link in case you want to see it.

Christmas Home Tour decor angela lanter hello Gorgeous

I made this Noel sign 5 years ago after seeing a similar one on Pinterest.  It’s one of my favorite Christmas decorations.

Christmas Home Tour decor angela lanter hello Gorgeous

Christmas Home Tour decor angela lanter hello Gorgeous

Christmas Home Tour decor angela lanter hello Gorgeous

Christmas Home Tour decor angela lanter hello Gorgeous

Our family room is my favorite room of the house.  Our Christmas decor is so beautiful in this room.  My mom bought me this mini flocked tree and garland two years ago and I love it so much.  My cousin, mom & I decorated my mantel and it’s such a beautiful space in our home.

Matt has been talking about retro bubble lights for years, so this year I found some online and surprised him!  We added them to the garland and they’re just such a fun festive touch.

Matt & I spent Christmas Eve doing our favorite traditions together.  We had a wonderful Christmas Day filled with presents and food in our cozy home.  I prepared our favorite Christmas dinner and now we’re getting ready to end the day by watching, “It’s a Wonderful Life.

I hope that you had a relaxing Christmas with your family and friends filled with lots of love, happiness and good food.  My hope is that you were able to cherish the moments with those you love and were able to remember the true reason why we celebrate this very special holiday.

I’m sending lots of love to my Gorgeous Fam on this Christmas Day!  I’m so thankful to have each and every one of you as a part of my virtual family.

Please leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite Christmas tradition is!  I love learning about other holiday traditions from around the country, and around the world.

Christmas Home Tour decor angela lanter hello Gorgeous

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