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Hello Bump Podcast Episodes 2 & 3

One week ago today, we officially announced that our lives are changing forever.  Baby L is on the way and the excitement has only built for us with each passing day.  Our first official baby package arrived this morning from Little Me and I opened it this morning on my Insta-stories.  My heart basically exploded over all of the tiny, adorable pieces!

Hello Bump Podcast Episodes 2 & 3 angela and matt lanter hello gorgeous

Now that I’m fully into my second trimester, I’m feeling the baby move which is such a rewarding experience.  I shared on Monday’s episode of Hello Bump the guilt I felt at 6 weeks because I didn’t have this overwhelming sense of love for our baby yet.  Those feelings were obviously very human and I think many women don’t feel like they can verbalize them, if they also have those feelings.  At 6 weeks, I didn’t feel pregnant…  Instead, I felt like I had a bad case of the flu.  I was overall pretty miserable.  If I’m being 100% transparent with you, I was feeling a bit depressed for the first time I can really remember in my life.  I was down about feeling so sick and knowing that there were all these changes coming…  Changes with my body, with our lives and in our marriage.  Please don’t take my honesty as me saying that I wasn’t ecstatic about becoming a mom.  I’ve never for one second regretted this pregnancy.  It was as if my physical condition was taking a toll on my mental and emotional states, making me feel depressed.

Those sad feelings only lasted a few short days, but I wanted to take a moment and be very real and very raw with you here in case there were any other women who are experiencing sad moments in the beginning of their pregnancy.  If that is or was you, girlfriend you are not alone!  To me, these feelings are totally normal.  We’re going through so many changes in our bodies and seeing how different our lives are going to look in just less than a year.  Again, in my opinion, these feelings and thoughts are totally normal, especially for us first timers.

Click below to listen to Episode #2 – “Not My Uterus” of Hello Bump Podcast.  Or click here to listen via iTunes.


Today, we released Episode #3 of Hello Bump which covers weeks 7 and 8 of my pregnancy.  In this episode we get to hear the baby’s heartbeat and see an ultrasound for the first time.  We share our feelings about that doctor’s appointment as well as a clip of Baby L’s galloping little pulse (so sweet I could cry all over again!)  We talk more about my symptoms, give you WAY too much info about my bodily functions and talk about my OBGYN putting me on anti-nausea medication, Diclegis.  Personally, I’m having so much fun going back and listening to our experiences and thoughts again.  It’s such a fun way for Matt and I to relive this experience with each other with every new episode we publish!

We also talk about the genetics blood test I went through and the mutations that were found in my genes.  This was a bit of a freak out moment for me at first until I dug in and found out what my mutations were and what they meant.

While we’re talking about this episode, do any of you have this crazy fear of vomiting like I do?  It’s a very real fear that gives me serious anxiety when I start to feel nauseous.  Let me know in the comments section below!  Also, let me know if your husband had pregnancy symptoms along with you.

Click below to listen to Episode #3 – “Don’t Come Home without Donuts” of Hello Bump Podcast.  Or click here to listen via iTunes.


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Photography by Jon Volk.
150 150 Angela Lanter

We’re Pregnant… Baby Lanter on the Way!

I’ve never known if I would actually get to say the words, “we’re pregnant.”  As you all know, I’ve battled with Endometriosis now for +10 years, so I never thought that getting pregnant would be a breeze for us.  When that pregnancy test showed up positive, shocked doesn’t begin to explain my feelings.  After a trip to my surgeon back in March, I was planning to have another laparoscopy this summer…  That’s when God laughed and said He has other plans for us.  The very next month I was pregnant!

Matt and I are overjoyed to be entering into parenthood.  We’ve always dreamed of having our own family.  This secret has been the hardest we’ve ever had to keep.  I’ve been bursting at the seems with joy, wanting to tell my Gorgeous Family for so long, but we wanted to wait until the time was right.  Now that we’re safely into the second trimester, I am thrilled to be able to share the news!

Matt and Angela Lanter Pregnancy Announcement Baby Lanter on the way we're pregnant hello gorgeous hello bump podcast

Matt and Angela Lanter Pregnancy Announcement Baby Lanter on the way we're pregnant hello gorgeous hello bump podcast

Matt and Angela Lanter Pregnancy Announcement Baby Lanter on the way we're pregnant hello gorgeous hello bump podcast

Matt and Angela Lanter Pregnancy Announcement Baby Lanter on the way we're pregnant hello gorgeous hello bump podcast

Matt and Angela Lanter Pregnancy Announcement Baby Lanter on the way we're pregnant hello gorgeous hello bump podcast


Matt and Angela Lanter Pregnancy Announcement Baby Lanter on the way we're pregnant hello gorgeous hello bump podcast

My first trimester was a little rough.  I was sick before I even found out that I was pregnant!  Every single symptom I’ve had has served as a reminder of the miracle God has given us.  I’m now four months along and started feeling the baby move for the first time just a couple days ago.  Hearing the heartbeat for the first time, seeing our first ultrasound and feeling the first movements have all been moments that we’ll never forget!

Now for the second big announcement…  From the very beginning, we knew we wanted to share our journey with you, so we decided to document our thoughts, feelings and all (and I do mean ALL) of my symptoms with you through a podcast.  Matt and I have been secretly working behind the scenes for over a year putting together a different podcast, but once we found out we were pregnant, we completely shifted gears and decided to share THIS journey instead.  I’m being more open, honest and vulnerable in this podcast about my pregnancy than I ever have been before.  If you want to know all the details (good, bad, and ugly!) and hear us tell it like it is, then click below and please subscribe.  I think you’ll have a laugh or two with us as we dive into uncharted waters (for us).

Matt and Angela Lanter Pregnancy Announcement Baby Lanter on the way we're pregnant hello gorgeous hello bump podcast

If you want to hear the whole story about how it all went down…  From me finding out, to telling Matt, to my first doctor’s appointment…  Then subscribe to our new podcast and follow along on this journey with us.  We’ve recorded an episode every week of our pregnancy, and will be sharing a new episode weekly.  This way you can come along on this journey and learn right along with us.


Photography by Jon Volk.

150 150 Angela Lanter

My Endometriosis Story | Girl Talk Tuesday

I’ve been debating writing this post for a long time.  I often talk about my battle with endometriosis, but I haven’t ever told my whole story.  I was never sure if this was a blog post topic or if it was more of a YouTube video topic…  Maybe it’s a bit of both?  Either way, I think it’s time I tell my story since I just experienced yet another cyst just this past week.  Also, because I’ve seen so many of you sweet girls comment that you’re living life with this nasty disease too.  This post is to let you know, you are not alone!

A word of warning: I’m discussing my medical experience and giving details.  If that’s not something you want to read about, keep it moving to another post.

My Endometriosis Story | Girl Talk Tuesday Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

My Endometriosis Story | Girl Talk Tuesday Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

My Endometriosis Story | Girl Talk Tuesday Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

My Endometriosis Story | Girl Talk Tuesday Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Let’s back it up to a young and sprite Angela.  I was a late bloomer and didn’t start my period until I was 15 years old.  It was not long after that I began this monthly nightmarish cycle and the nasty cramps reared their ugly head.  I would get cramps so gnarly I would be curled up in a ball on the floor sobbing.  I remember one time they were so bad my mom almost took me to the ER.  I have a fairly high pain tolerance, but these cramps would knock me off my feet.

It wasn’t long after I got my first period that I experienced my first ovarian cyst.  I walked around bent over holding my right side for days before my mom forced me to go to the doctor.  I was terrified at the thought of seeing a gynecologist.  I was young, immature and incredibly freaked out at the thought of a doctor examining my private parts.  My doctor quickly sent me on to the hospital for testing and that’s where the real nightmare began.  I had no idea what I was in for and the experience scarred me for years.  The nurse explained I needed an emergency ultrasound and in order to do so, I would have to get a catheter.  I freaked out of my head.  The bad part wasn’t the catheter going in, the bad part was it coming out.  It was awful.  I’d never experienced anything like that and it was all done just to say I had an ovarian cyst that ruptured and you can go home.  It was because of this experience (plus feeling like I had been manhandled) that I refused to see a gynecologist for a long time.

After that, I experienced years of bad cramps and irregular, heavy periods that would sometimes last for 10-15 days at a time.  I had all the signs of endometriosis, but I just thought I was another teenage girl with bad periods.  I mean you hear that from all your high school girlfriends, right?  We all would complain about our cramps and compare our flows, so you just think that you’re experience is no different that anyone else’s.

Let’s speed ahead.  The summer after my 23rd birthday, I noticed some irregular swelling down there.  I figured it was yet another yeast infection (I would get a yeast infection any time I took antibiotics).  The swelling quickly increased though.  I went to my mom and she took one look and said, you’re going to the gynecologist.  I probably stamped my feet and yelled no way…  But I knew she was right.  So off I went.  I had my gynecological exam as an adult, and it was no where near as bad as I had psyched myself up for.  She determined that my swelling was due to a Bartholin’s Gland cyst.  She then gave me my first ultrasound in many years and found a massive cyst on my left ovary.  Due to the size of the ovarian cyst, she sent me along to a specialist.  I was referred to Dr. Stephen Mooney in Akron and he remains my best medical experience to this day.  Dr. Mooney examined me and said we need to operate soon, so we scheduled my first laparoscopy surgery for the ovarian cyst plus removal of the Bartholin’s Gland Cyst.

The Saturday night before surgery (it was scheduled for Monday morning) I began vomiting uncontrollably.  Dr. Mooney told my mom that if she took me to the ER, there was nothing they could do for me because my surgery was already on the books.  My abdominal pain was so severe that I didn’t care, I forced my mom to take me to the ER.  They ran a couple of tests and said that the cyst had not ruptured but instead became so large that it twisted itself and laid up against my stomach causing the pain and vomiting.  They sent me home to wait it out.

Monday morning rolled around and it was show time.  During the surgery, they removed a total of 7 cysts. One the size of a baby’s head on my left ovary, multiple on my right ovary and cysts in various places like my fallopian tubes.  Dr. Mooney was able to diagnose me with endometriosis because of the type of cysts, which he called “chocolate cysts”.  He said I was basically a mess on the inside.  The Bartholin’s Gland cyst was removed and packed with cotton.  Because I had three incisions on my abdomen along with the huge incision from the Bartholin’s Gland cyst, I couldn’t walk.  My dad had to carry me around the house the first two days at least.

When I went back for my post-op appointment, Dr. Mooney removed the packing from my Bartholin’s Gland Cyst and the nurse had to hold me down to the table…  The area became badly infected and the packing was horrific to remove.  I wasn’t out of the woods yet, I needed a high dose of antibiotics to clear that infection before I could return to work.  I think I missed a total of 8-10 weeks throughout the course of this first round with endo.

Dr. Mooney put me on birth control after that first surgery, saying that due to the severity of my endometriosis, I really didn’t have a choice but to start it.  If you want to learn more about my birth control history, read this post.

After that, I returned to normal.  My periods were less painful and I had normal cycles for the first time in my life.

Speed ahead to two summers later.  I started having symptoms of IBS.  By this time, Matt and I were dating long distance.  We traveled to the Hamptons and I got terribly ill while there.  We took a helicopter from the Hamptons to New Jersey to then fly home to Ohio.  I was so sick prior to getting on the helicopter that I took a Phenergen for the nausea and slept on Matt’s lap the whole helicopter ride.  What a waste of a once in a lifetime trip.  As soon as we landed in Ohio, my mom took me to the ER and they hooked me up to an IV with Morphine because I was having horrible upper right quadrant pain.  After running a ton of tests, they ruled out gall bladder and everything else under the sun.  They sent me home with a diagnosis of IBS.  I was referred to a gastrointestinal specialist and started down that road.

The gastro doctor prescribed new meds and completely changed my diet.  Nothing would give.  The abdominal pain was relentless.  Finally I went back to Dr. Mooney and he said it was time to do another laparoscopy.

Welcome to endometriosis surgery #2.  This time Dr. Mooney found that my ovaries had grown attached to the wall of my back.  He advised that my IBS was most likely due to the endometriosis and he was so right.  After that surgery, my intestinal symptoms were basically gone.

I always stayed up on my appointments with Dr. Mooney.  When I moved to LA in 2011, I was so upset to leave my favorite doctor behind.

Since being in LA, I’ve been to three doctors for my endometriosis.  I’ve never found the level of care or experience that I had with him.  When I was home in Ohio back in March, I went in to see him for a check-up.  I wish he would magically move his practice to LA!

I’ve been off birth control since February of 2016.  I have experienced a lot of my old symptoms of irregular periods and cramping.  Dr. Mooney is under the impression that another laparoscopy will be in my near future, and when/if that does happen, you better believe he’ll be doing my surgery.  I have done more hours of research than any one person should, on the topic of endometriosis.  I’ve tried so many supplements and life changes.  I try my best to avoid soy, which is claimed to be a big culprit of the disease.  I have been on folic acid for many years.  But most recently, I started a supplement called MacaHarmony, which was referred to me by a woman working in the supplements department at Whole Foods.  After researching the supplement, I started it and within the first month I had my first regular period in more months than I could remember.

If you think you are suffering from endometriosis, first off…  I’m sorry.  I know your pain and I know how helpless you can feel.  Something I think a lot of people don’t realize, just because your mom didn’t have it doesn’t mean you don’t have it.  My mom never had endometriosis or surgeries like this.  My aunt and cousin both had it, but that was the only connection to the disease I had.

Do your research.  Listen to your body.  Find a great doctor.  If you don’t feel comfortable with the doctor your seeing or the answers you’re getting, seek a second opinion.

One resource I would highly recommend for my endo sisters is Nancy’s Nook on Facebook.  It’s a fantastic group of women who support each other through this journey.

My endometriosis journey is unique.  We all have different symptoms, different treatments that are needed and different roads to recovery.  I’m not a doctor and my story should not be taken as advice or direction for your treatment.  Seek medical attention before taking any supplements.

Leave a comment below if you too have suffered from this nasty disease that too many of us women have.  Please share what has worked for you and feel free to also share your journey. ❤️

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