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My Favorite Podcasts

Happy first day of Spring!  One of my favorite ways to pass time is to listen to podcasts.  I love to listening while doing chores around the house, working in my office or driving.  I listen to a wide variety of podcasts and often get questions after I post on my social media about what I’m listening to.  Here’s a list of my favorite shows all in one post for you to check out and chime in on.

Favorite Podcasts 2017 Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Favorite Podcasts 2017 Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Favorite Podcasts 2017 Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Favorite Podcasts 2017 Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Favorite Podcasts 2017 Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Favorite Podcasts 2017 Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Favorite Podcasts 2017 Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

Favorite Podcasts 2017 Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

I wasn’t sure whether to separate out the shows based on genre or not…  So, I decided to make a list of my favorites in no particular order.

Favorite Podcasts

  • You Must Remember This.  This is probably my very favorite podcast.  I’m such a lover of Old Hollywood and this show dives into different actors each episode.  It explores the different facts and rumors surrounding the hey day of the Golden Era.  I’ve not listened to every single episode yet, but only because I’m trying to pace myself so I have more episodes to look forward to.  I’ve learned so much about the scandals and secrets that were hidden away by the studios for years.
  • Building Relationships.  The famed Dr. Gary Chapman, who is the genius behind “The Five Love Languages,” hosts a fantastic show all about the various types of relationships in your life.  I love listening to his practical, Biblical answers and suggestions.
  • Serial.  This is the podcast that got Matt & I interested in the murder mystery genre.  I’m not a terribly huge fan because I feel like the seasons are far too stretched out, but I felt like I needed to list it because Serial deserves full credit for sparking my interest into the world of crime drama.
  • This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt.  This podcast is especially geared towards business professionals and entrepreneurs.  I love his practical business advice.
  • MarriageToday.  This Christian marriage podcast is easily digestible and full of Biblical wisdom.  The only complaint I have is the multiple advertisements each episode, but I understand why they do it.
  •  Up and Vanished.  Matt & my latest obsession and I can’t. Stop. LISTENING.  I’m obsessed.  We’re currently on episode 10 and I’m dying to finish it.  This series is about the disappearance of a small-town Georgia beauty queen in 2006.  She literally up and vanished without a trace.  The host dives in and develops so much information each episode.  The episodes are under 30 minutes and move very quickly, which I love.  PLEASE NO SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS!!!
  • Online Marketing Made Easy.  This podcast is incredible for my fellow bloggers.  I love the information that Amy Porterfield fills each episode with.

A couple other shows I listen to and enjoy are Heather Dubrow’s World (because I love Real Housewives of OC), Tony Robbins Podcast (but they don’t upload on a regular schedule), Focus on the Family: Focus on Marriage (each episode under 10 minutes!), Smart Passive Income and Matt loves Relic Radio Thrillers (old radio shows from the 1940s).

Are you a podcast fan?  Leave a comment and let me know which shows you’re loving and regularly listening to!

Just a head’s up, this darling top I’m wearing is currently ON SALE for 60% OFF!  It’s so adorable and also comes in “Raspberry.”  Such a great peplum top for Spring!

Photography my Kara Coleen.

What I’m Wearing:

Ruffled Peplum Top  //  FRAME Denim Le High Flare Jeans  //  Henri Bendel Marquis Convertible Clutch  //  Quay Australia Sunnies  //  Black Booties (similar)

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150 150 Hello Gorgeous by Angela Lanter

Best ShopBop Spring Sale Picks

You know me…  I can’t pass up a good sale.  The ShopBop Sale is officially on.  There are so many staples you can pick up for up to 25% off just in time for spring, just be sure to use coupon code: GOBIG17.


My favorite pair of Levi’s are included in this sale.  They’re already an awesome deal under $90, but group it with other sale picks to get an even better price!  See how I styled these jeans in this post.

My other favorite pair of skinny jeans are the AG legging ankle jeans.  I wear these jeans non-stop.  See how I styled them here.

I bought these Jeffrey Campbell wedges two years ago and they’re still one of my favorite pairs of summer shoes.  I have them in black, but honestly I need to just pull the trigger and buy them in tan because I love them so much.  See this post for how I styled them.

One of my favorite pairs of earrings are these gorgeous beaded hoops.  The turquoise unfortunately sold out, but I LOVE them in white.  I wore them in this post.

A couple of my summer faves also included are my watermelon cooler bag, One Teaspoon Bandit shorts and tassel cover-up dress.

Last, not certainly not least, are my very favorite undies.  I finally caved in and bought myself a $20 pair of Calvin Kleins…  And I never looked back.  If you haven’t tried CK undies yet, snag a pair while they’re on sale and give them a whirl.  They’re my favorite (as well as Cosabella!) for a reason.


Shop my ShopBop Sale Picks:

150 150 Hello Gorgeous by Angela Lanter

13 Current Pink Faves for Spring

With Valentine’s Day right behind us and Spring right around the corner, it seemed like the perfect time to indulge in some pink frivolities. 💕

Pink Picks Angela Lanter Hello Gorgeous

  1.  Hunter Original Boots  2.  Tory Burch Ballet Flats  3.  Tory Burch Clutch  4.  Diptyque Rosa Mundi Candle  5.  Bow Off-the-Shoulder Top  6.  Pink Sneakers (YASSSS)  7.  MAC Lipstick and Liner Duo  8.  Cold Shoulder Pink Top  9.  Tutu Tulle Skirt  10.  Floral Leather Tote  11.  Mini Skirt  12.  Cross Front Tee (Under $30!)  13.  Sam Edelman Hot Pink Pumps

A few of these items are priced really reasonably, which makes them great pre-Spring purchases!  The Hunter boots and Tory Burch ballet flats are higher priced items, but I personally own both pairs of these shoes and the quality is fantastic.

Speaking of higher priced items…  What do you think about me doing a series about my higher end purchases?  I would review the items/purchases and giving you the full, 100% truth on my purchase experience, the product itself and let you know if I felt that it was worth the money?  I personally like to do research before making a bigger purchase but I’m wondering if this is something you would also like?  Please leave a comment below and let me know if you A) like this idea and would be interested in me doing it and B) if you would prefer that I do it on YouTube or on the blog.

I love getting feedback from y’all.  Hearing what you’d like to see more or less of on Hello Gorgeous helps me form future content (blog posts, social media posts and YouTube videos).  Your comments ensure that I’m doing exactly what my Gorgeous Girls want to see.  ❤️

Shop These Pink Faves:

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